Sunday, December 12, 2010

More Women on Boards

Happy Sunday! I have so much to write about TED, so much. But for now a quick hit on an important topic, getting more women on corporate boards. Read this in the New York Times from yesterday. Within a few weeks I hope to have a dedicated section on my web-site ( ) that will feature a brief about why the time is now to move for the "Critical Mass Principle" - a voluntary goal for public companies to have a minimum of 30% women on their boards. That brief will feature the many research reports and arguements for why greater diversity on their boards is good business!


Deborah SIegel said...

Can't wait to read your impressions of TED!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jacki
I don't think voluntary targets are going to work. We've all been trying that for years!! What we need is some systemic change - temporary special measures - otherwise known as quotas for a specified period of time until everyone is used to power sharing in the corporate world.
I don't understand why merit and quotas are seen as mutually exclusive. As far as I'm concerned. quotas just enable a larger database of meritorious people to be cosidered for leadership roles.

Anonymous said...

Very important issue and thanks for publicizing it! 2020 Women on Boards is a public awareness campaign to get more women on corporate boards in the U.S. Check out the website: