Sunday, July 3, 2011

John Hunstman

Just shortly before John Huntsman announced that he would be running for President on June 21st Greg and I had the opportunity to meet him at a small gathering in Salt Lake City.

First impressions? He was a very good speaker, poised, and delivered a strong message which he undoubtedly will be taking on the road. The message was a call for an industrial revolution in the US and renewed faith in the innate strength and leadership of America and the American people.

While serving as Ambassador to China he saw first hand the growth potential of that country but he was bothered how it seemed that many in the US were ready to hand over the top dog position in terms of being a global power. He does not see it that way. He sees the US as having so much that a country like China aspires toward and the call is for the American people to see it that way too.

Are US debt levels unacceptable to him? Yes. Is there a need for tax reform, energy reform, regulatory reform and health care reform? Yes. Is he tired of the divisiveness in this country? Yes. Are lessons is civil discourse needed? Yes. In his short remarks to a very friendly audience filled with close friends and family members he has enthusiastically received. Could he make a great President? Way to early to tell but there is no doubt about his aspirations.

For the record I am neither Democrat nor Republican. I am Canadian!


Anonymous said...

Saying "reform" is not adequate, just as neither hope nor change nor the two together were adequate.

We are past , no, we are WAY past platitudes

Anonymous said...

Jacki, did you do your due diligence as vice chair of Women's Funding Network and ask him about his stance on reproductive justice for women?

In the candidate's own words (from

“As governor of Utah I signed every pro-life bill that came to my desk,” Hunstman told the crowd. “I signed the bill that made second-trimester abortions illegal, and increased the penalty for doing so. I signed the bill to allow women to know the pain an abortion causes an unborn child. I signed the bill requiring parental permission for abortion. I signed the bill that would trigger a ban on abortions in Utah if Roe v. Wade was overturned.”

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