Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bridesmaids - The Movie

This entry is not about "money, markets or changing the world" but I feel called to share. Two nights ago I went to see the film Bridesmaids with my mom and it was absolutely entertaining and hilarious. Ok I admit it, I have a somewhat crude sense of humor at times, but can you blame me after spending over 10 years on a trading floor? The film was written by two fabulous women writers, Kristen Wiig ( who is also the main actor) and Annie Mumolo. It "took its cue from the success of buddy comedies like “The Hangover,” but aimed it at a female cast and female anxieties, with a poop scene as its most memorable set piece. In the process, the Judd Apatow-produced Universal comedy seems to have single-handedly gestated a new movie genre." ( read the full article here)

For the record I really did not like The Hangover. I also disliked Knocked Up (both were DVD rentals and I am embarrassed to even say I watched them) so you might call me a hypocrite for loving Bridesmaids but I am willing to live with that. I hope I am the type of person that can take a joke but that genre of 'guy flicks' were women are only strippers, sex-toys or nagging girlfriends or wives makes me crazy. Sadly most 'chick flicks' are still about women whose lives are almost completely defined in relationship to men, this one too to some extent, but it was still absolutely hilarious. Where it played off female anxieties that were not related to guys were it's funniest moments for me.

I have to go back and see it again with my husband and maybe some other dudes to see if they how they felt about the movie. I read some great reviews of the film and one guy called it the "anti-chick flick' - meaning it was a chick flick that he actually liked. Did it portray men in a somewhat stereotyped and sexist manner? Well yes but that the male reviews I read did not seem to have a problem with that.

Will it gestate a new movie genre? I am not so sure but I am willing to give other such films a try. I am loving that this film is a huge success and is sending a message to Hollywood that films for women, featuring women, written my women, that don't follow the 'rules' can be hugely successful.

So I have this idea for a comedic film. It is a set in an alternative universe where women are the main breadwinners, have all the power, and it is the men that are trying to break in. Think "Working Girl" but gender reversed. Think MadMen, but gender reverses. If anyone knows Kristin Wiig can you please give her my number?

Go see the film and get ready to laugh yourself silly. Warning it is rated R for a reason.

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Carlee Price said...

Great post. Loved the film.

The Bechdel Rule and others reveal some interesting statistics about women and nonwhite ethnic groups in film and TV. NPR did an segment on this recently:

Girls on Film offers this take:

Enjoyed your bit on the World Cup as well. Keep em coming!