Sunday, January 24, 2010

Why Give? - One Woman's Story

I have been working on a report, a big one, about Why Women, Why Now and have uncovered some amazing statistics around a broad range of topics, including women and giving. While that report is still to come, I want to feature one Woman's Story - that of Lynne Rosenthal, a million dollar donor to the Ms. Foundation. If you read this blog regularly you know I am a big supporter of Women's Foundations and the Women's Funding Network. Why? For many of the same reasons that Lynne articulates here.

"I saw the brilliance of leaders like Sara Gould, its CEO. I saw the genius of the cross-race, cross-class approach to grant-making -- characteristic of all women's foundations -- that places at the decision-making table not just the women with money but also women who may have little money but who, as grassroots activists, know just how it can be best invested in the community."

Women's funds realize that it is not the people with money that have all the answers, but the opposite. This is a different leadership model and it is a partnership model. I will write more on Why Women's Funds but for now i hope you click to the link to read Lynne's story.
I am also a member of Women Moving Millions and am honored to serve on their Donor Advisory Board. Stage two planning is in the works!

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Mike said...

Jacki, I sincerely admire your work for non-profits and charities and will never question your motives or the results you deliver.

I question your unwillingness to apply your remarkable talent to, "thoughtful reform" of the financial system.

Will your legacy only be money?

You can apply your talent to improving the financial health of most Americans without risking your current lifestyle.

A healthy economy will be a truly signifant legacy for your family and fellow Americans.

I have ideas - please contact me.

Mike Micallef