Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The State of the Union

"Jobs. Housing Prices. Bank Bailouts. Deficits. Healthcare. Earmarks. Reforms. We suffer from a deficit of trust. Washington. Everyday is an election day. You lose I win mentality. We are here to serve our citizens and not our ambitions. Human security. Common Purpose.EQUAL PAY FOR WOMEN FOR EQUAL DAYS WORK. It is our ideas and our values that build this nation. Give back to your country. Be generous in spirit."

It was a good speech. President Obama came a across as a real person who could relate to the real problems that America is facing. Loved the way he talked about our security. It was not a tough guy talk but a more thoughtful approach. Good speech.


Deborah Siegel said...

I AGREE!!! xoD

Mike said...

I sincerely agree, Mr. Obama's speech was wonderful.

Will you be inspired enough by Mr. Obama's words to apply your remarkable talent to, "thoughtful reform" of the financial system.

You can improve the financial health of most Americans without risking your current lifestyle.

I think you are more likely to ignore Mr. Obama's "thoughtful approach" in favor of fighting to preserve your wealth and privlege.

Please show me I'm wrong.

I have ideas - please contact me.

Mike Micallef