Friday, February 4, 2011

Women Moving Millions and Women's Media Center

I am attending a three day training for WMM donors in NYC in partnership with the Women's Media Center. So far so awesome! They just showed this video about why getting our voices out there is so important. Check out this video on YOUTUBE. ( click here )

Also consider supporting this important organization. ( click here )

Pictured right are Elizabeth Sackler, Founder of the Sackler Center for Feminist Art, Jodie Evans of Code Pink who is the host of this gathering, and Jane Fonda who is a huge supporter and Board Member of WMC.

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Julie said...

All of us from the Women’s Media Center loved the media training with Women Moving Millions. One of the great things about running a training is how much you learn from everyone in the room. Our heads and hearts were expanded and inspired by the extraordinary women and leaders in the room.

Similiarly, we learned many lessons from our team of girl journalists that the Women’s Media Center sent to the Sundance Film Festical to report, blog and tweet about the status of women in film.

See our Sundance video here

With appreciation,
Julie Burton
President, Women's Media Center