Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sundance Film Festival!

Eighteen movies in 10 days......can it be done??? ( click here from FB) Not to mention other events and parties. This is my first Sundance Film Festival experience and we are going for it! The festivities began last night with a quick drink at ZOOM ( the Robert Redford Restaurant and yes there was a sighting!!!) with Pat Mitchell and her fabulous husband Scott. The bartender called it the calm before the storm. As a forever board member of the institute Pat likely knows more about Sundance then anyone and we were grateful for the advice. Tonight it is the opening Party at the Montage, the swanky new hotel at Deer Valley, and a viewing of the film "Sing Your Song."

The one I am most excited about is Miss Representation a film written and directed by Jennifer Siebel Newson. "Miss Representation" uncovers a glaring reality we live with every day but fail to see. It's clear that mainstream media objectifies women, but what most people don't realize is the magnitude of that phenomenon and the way objectification gets internalized - a symbolic annihilation of self-worth - and impedes girls and women from realizing their full potential." This documentary features interviews with politicians, journalists, academics and activists. The guest list to the event and panel discussion to follow included the most fabulous Gloria Steinem (pictured with me up above), Geena Davis, and more with Pat Mitchell to moderate. "The purpose of the film is to re-energize the movement!!!" love it. I am excited to be able to continue the discussion the following day with a party at my home. This will be the first gathering in our new home and what a way to start!

Here are a few of the movies that we are hoping to attend. (in order of viewing):

The Ledge-A thriller. Atop a high-rise building, Gavin, a young hotel manager, is about to end his life. Hollis, a detective whose own world has just been turned upside down, is dispatched to the scene. As Hollis tries to persuade Gavin not to jump, each man begins to open up about his past, and we discover the neither of them is convinced that his life is worth living. Starring Charilie Hunnam, Liv Tyler, Patrick Wilson, Terrence Howard.

Like Crazy- A romance that is a film from and about the heart. Jacob, an American, and Anna, who is British, meet at college in L.A. and fall madly in love. Starring Anton Yelchin, Felicity Jones, Jennifer Lawrence.

My Idiot Brother-A comedy. Despite looking for the good in every situation and the best in every person, Ned always seems to find himself holding the short end of the stick-being conned into selling drugs to a uniformed cop, being dumped by his girlfriend. and worse yet, losing custody of his beloved dog, Willie Nelson. Starring Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks, Zooey Deschanel,

Higher Ground-Romantic/Drama charting one women's spiritual journey through life while exploring and embracing her own humanity, Higher Ground is that rare film that is rich in ideas but also charger with emotion.

Red State-A horror which follows three high school boys who come across an online ad from an older women looking for a ....... Hmm, not sure why I picked this one, perhaps because they confront a "holy" force.

Cedar Rapids-A comedy about a group of insurance salesmen who use the opportunity to attend an annual convention in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, as a way to escape their doleful Vegas but with corn. Starring Ed Helms, John C. Reilly, Anne Heche. This looks really funny!

Take Shelter-A psychological thriller about Curtis who lives in a small town in Ohio with his wife and daughter, a six-year-old deaf girl. When Curtis begins to have terrifying dreams, he keeps the visions to himself, channeling his anxiety into obsessively building a storm shelter in his backyard. Starring Michael Shannon and Jessica Chastain.

Perfect Sense-A thriller/drama about a global pandemic which first attacks emotions, the senses. Starring Ewan McGregor, Eva Green, Ewen Bremner. Love Ewan!

The Convincer-A drama about an insurance agent that is looking for a way to jump-start his business, reunite with his estranged wife, and escape the dismal mid-western weather.

Margin Call- Set in the high-stakes world of the financial industry, Margin Call is a thriller entangling the key players at an investment firm during one perilous 24-hour period in the early stages of the 2008 financial crisis. Starring Kevin Spacey, Paul Bettany, Demi Moore, Zachary Quinto.

Salvation Boulevard- A drama about Reverend Dan, a charismatic preacher who has a captivated a city with his charm. Starring Pierce Brosan, Jennifer Connelly, Ed Harris, Greg Kinnear, Marisa Tomei.

The Flaw-A documentary. The Flaw makes one thing clear from the outset-there was nothing simple about the U.S. financial collapse of 2007.

Incendies-A drama about twins from Montreal that must deal with their mothers dying wish: to locate their father, who they believed was dead, and the brother they never knew existed.

Tyrannosaur-A drama about Joseph, a tormented, self-destructive man plagued by violence, finds hope of redemption in Hannah, a Christian charity-shop worker he meets one day while fleeing an altercation. Starring Peter Mullan, Olivia Coleman, Eddie Marsan.

The Son of No One-Is a police thriller about a yound cop who is assigned to a precinct in the Queens neighborhood where he grew up. Starring Channing Tatum, Tracy Morgan, Katie Holmes, Al Pacino.

Will we make it through? I will report back.

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