Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Women's History - Good Bye to Wilma Mankiller...

It is an evening like tonight that is the reason I created this blog. I am so incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to attend amazing gatherings, often in support in great causes, like the one this evening. I was invited by my dear friend Helen LaKelly Hunt, and the most spectacular Jennifer Buffet, to hear about TheWomen 2.0 Media Project. (soon to have a web-site and YOUT UBE clip so stay tuned ) I heard someone say today, that they never met a charitable project they did not like, and I am starting to feel that way as well. "This is a project whose purpose is to preserve and document the history of the women who changed modern America. It will start with a video archive of oral histories, and will become a documentary chronicling the modern women's movement."

There are many incredible people who are affiliated with this project, including Gloria Steinem. Gloria was suppose to be there tonight, but instead, was at the home of Wilma Mankiller , the first female chief of the Cherokee Nation, who passed away today. At around 9 pm the room was silenced, so we could all hear Gloria on the speaker phone tell us what knowing Wilma has meant to her. She spoke of her history, of her brilliance, of her leadership and of her courage. Those were moments I hope to never forget. Though I never had the opportunity to meet Ms. Mankiller, I plan to have a part in preserving her history, as she ( as well as Gloria, Helen and 97 others) is on the list of 100 women whose lives are to be documented with the project.

When people die, their stories are left to be told by someone else, unless they are given the opportunity to tell it themselves, and that is exactly what this project is all about. Too often women's stories are not even told at all. We are so far from gender equality, so far, and the stories of these women who were in many cases the first to..... need to be captured and shared. Please stay tuned for how to support this incredible initiative. ( PS - PBS is their partner in this...)This program simply must get funded. It must.

My best wishes go out to Gloria, and to the friends and family of Ms. Mankiller.


Kathy LeMay said...

Jack, they should apply for funding with the NEA. This should get some govt funding as it can be a part of US archives.

Rest deeply and peacefully, Wilma Mankiller and... thank you.

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