Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rocking-Horse Winner - The Latest from Bill Gross

Bill's commentaries are always worth a read and this one is no exception. (click here to read) For the full content archive at PIMCO click here. I was fortunate to spend some time at PIMCO recently and truly consider them an outstanding company. If you can believe if they manage $1 trillion in assets as of DEC 2009. Yes, $1 trillion. For that reason alone if you are an investor you want to know what they are thinking.


Anonymous said...

So what do you think about the economy, and more importantly the housing market, I hear that the higher end market is not selling?

Jacki Zehner said...

Good morning. I am going to work on an economic commentary this weekend. I think the housing market continues to be in big trouble, and esp in the higher end. At the higher end it is about financing, very tough to get. very. and of course just way too much supply. I think a lot of sellers are in denial about how low prices really are. My guess is that most of the appreciation over the past 10 years has been wiped out. Employment and income will be the key to housing recovery.

thanks for the question and have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Hi and thanks for the quick response. I look forward to your thoughts. It does seem that prices have been going lower, but still do not reflect the new reality, also taxes are going to go much higher (in my opinion). Have a great weekend!