Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Women's Median Center, Jehmu Greene and Jane Fonda

Monday Evening I had the pleasure of attending a gathering in support of the Women's Media Center, and their incoming President Jehmu Greene. Jehmu's previously held post was at ROCK THE VOTE, the largest ever youth registration group. She is a delightful woman committed to using the media to build powerful social justice movements. What does the WMC do? It engages in media advocacy to push media to address and discuss sexism in their coverage. Additionally they create their own content, media train women and support, a searchable database of over 500 women experts. Please click here to learn more and consider sponsoring this amazing organization.
The guest of honor for the evening was Jane Fonda, two time Academy Award winning actress, social activist and philanthropist. Around a dinner table we discussed why many young women cannot relate to the word feminism, how the media can be used to drive positive change, and so much more. After dinner Jane did a Salon style reading from her book "My Life So Far" and it was easy too see why this fabulous woman has won two Academy Awards.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am grateful for so many things, including my incredible family who loves and supports me. and especially for my mother, who is such a role model for me and is visiting from British Columbia, Canada.

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