Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Washington Trip! - Tiffany Circle

Train to Washinton. Learnvest. Learn Earn Invest. Angel $. Women. Financial education. 25 yr old. House. Park City. Move? Residential real estate. No buyers. Change. Good? Arrive Washington. Check in. Red Cross Tiffany Circle Summit 2009. French Embassy. The Honorabole Pierre Vimont. Bonjour. Charming. 350 women. Concert. Kennedy Center. Amy Grant. Vince Gill. Michael McDonald. Melinda Doolittle. Darius Rucker. (Hooty and the Blowfish). Allison Kraus. Announcement. Wounded solidiers. Serving our country. Disabled. Heros. Sleep. Am. David Sanderson. Survivor Flight 1549. Survival = Teamwork + Leadership + Faith in God. “God’s hands were on the plane that day. “You never know when and if, one day, you have to cash in everything you have learned in life.” Humble. Grateful. Red Cross International Program. Measles. Today. 540 children will die. Answer? Vaccinations. National Women’s Memorial. Arlington Cemetery. Brigadier General Wilma Vaught. Most highly decorated woman in US History. Cool. Women serve. Supreme Court of the United States. Justice Anthony Kennedy. “Law and freedom are linked together. The law should be a hope to be embraced. Not something to be feared.” History. Red Cross. Chairman Bonnie McElveen Hunter. Ceo Gail McGovern. Amazing women. Amazing. Try to imagine the world without the Red Cross? No… don’t. We need them. Blood. Disaster relief – big, small and everything in between. Measles. Preparedness. Disease Prevention. Maternal health. Bed nets. Volunteerism. Trust. A Lovemark. Serving the needs of our country’s military personal and their families. Restoring family links. Tiffany Circle. 500 women. 350 showed up. Collective giving. Collective action. The Womens Funding Movement. Train. Home.
(photo - Jacki and Kayrita with Justice Kennedy)

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