Friday, March 13, 2009

Gloria Steinem and Outrageous Acts!

Last night was amazing. I had the opportunity to celebrate Gloria Steinem's 75th birthday party in a private home in NYC with a small group of close friends and supporters. I have always been awed by Gloria, and last night was no different. Her activism inspires me and it just does not stop. The Ms. Foundation in celebration of her birthday created a new iniative called "Outrageous Acts for Simple Justice." I love it. I am already planning my outrageous acts. A friend who was there suggested we added this .... "outrageous acts and subtle interruptions." I love that too. Click here to hear more and plan your own kick-off party. It is time we all do more more MORE to make this world a better place.

More on the amazing work of the Ms. Foundation - click here.

I am signing off for a few days to spend some time with the family in celebration of my daughter's 9th birthday. All the best!


JLB said...

Since I know you've written on this topic - the NY Times had a great article:

Anonymous said...

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